Connection-Oriented Programming Framework


Leverage visual programming, visual effects and your domain knowledge

Build next generation software applications and to manage information complexity in real world and virtual environments.

For Developers

If you are a developer, you can use the nSpace Connection-Oriented Programming Framework for developing applications using C, C++ and Java. It is production ready for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS and Android operating systems. You can start building behaviors and connectors today using familiar developer tools on the desktop.

For Makers

Makers around the world are inspiring each other to create (or “make”) smart gadgets, robotic gizmos, autonomous drones, and wearable devices. Soon you will be able to create your own killer software applications that can interact with things in the real world without the need to learn a programming language.

For Academics

Free to use, nSpace can be downloaded and installed to classroom computers as well as student home systems at no cost. With full access to the complete open graphs and tools, nSpace levels the playing field to give everyone the resources needed to learn professional-quality development.

Develop applications independent of platform, language or OS

Simple and fast start up of new hardware and software platforms

The nSpace® Connection-Oriented Programming Framework takes a different approach to applications development that provides easy-to-use and powerful visual programming tools with a context sensitive execution environment that is operating system and language independent which delivers on the promise of “write once – run anywhere”.

  • Java 100%
  • C 99.2%
  • C++ 95.5%

Interactive: The Top Programming Languages – IEEE Spectrum’s 2014 Ranking

nSpace is not just another high-level language!  

nSpace is not a compiled ‘language’ but it still has the level of generality that a ‘meta language’ provides while implementing a ‘formal definition’ with which to describe computing solutions.  Most of an nSpace solution is defined in graphs and not based in code.  nSpace implements code within its various behaviors which are implemented in the language of your choice C, C++, C#, Java, Python etc. These behaviors and the nSpace engine are the only code that needs to be ported to support a new computing platform.