For Academics

NSpace, LLC is committed to supporting students and schools, and helping companies that license the nSpace Connection-Oriented Programming Framework to find and hire qualified developers.

Free to use, nSpace can be downloaded and installed to classroom computers as well as student home systems at no cost. With full access to the complete open graphs and tools, nSpace levels the playing field to give everyone the resources needed to learn professional-quality development.

In addition, schools and their students receive regular updates, making it easy to stay current with the latest and greatest in knowledge applications development.

With nSpace, student developers have unprecedented opportunities to use the skills they learn in class on their own projects at no cost. Launch of commercial products is still subject to upgrading to a Developer or Team Edition license.


Learning nSpace will give you skills and experience that can help you land a paying job working on everything from small scale mobile apps to web-based cloud computing solutions.  The tools you learn are the same ones in use by professional developers at major corporations, and inside NSpace Labs on several unannounced IoT and mobile projects.  The nSpace Connection-Oriented Programming Framework is also increasingly used for simulations and other knowledge-based scientific applications. Using professional tools for your project shows off your skills and can give you an edge when trying to achieve your career goals.

Teachers and Administrators

Integrating the nSpace Connection-Oriented Programming Framework into your curriculum gives students the opportunity to learn a leading-edge technology that will help place them in professional, paying jobs. No other framework offers students the breadth of opportunity to work as a professional developer in the new world of virtual reality and augmented reality industries.