NSpace®, LLC provides advanced software architectures, next generation software development tools and multi-platform application middleware.

Its products provide an open and extensible connection-oriented programming framework and a context-sensitive execution environment for programmers, designers and technical users to develop rich multi-platform applications without having to learn multiple programming languages or development environments.

nSpace® Studio FX™ is an integrated development environment which supports a simple and visual method to create nSpace-based applications and allow users to customize their experience through direct manipulation of context-sensitive information.  Studio FX also provides access to a general Application Programmer Interface (API) which provides a simple unified method to allow an unprecedented level of implicit information sharing between independent programs.

The company is creating an on-line ‘hub’ for hosting these knowledge-based software applications for use with any public or personal information source while still providing an enhanced level of privacy and security.  NSpace, LLC will also provide an on-line marketplace for the publishing and sale of apps, behaviors, service connectors and other tools developed by NSpace, LLC or its customers.